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  • Black Adlens Variable focus eyewear
  • Black and Grey Adlens
  • Black Blue Variable focus eyewear
  • Blue Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Grey Black Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Brown Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Red Black Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Crystal Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Black and Yellow Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Black Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Black and Pink Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Chestnut Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Teal Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Navy Blue Adlens Adjustable Glasses
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  • Black and brown Adlens Adjustable Glasses
  • Violet
  • Teal

Adlens® Adjustables Variable Focus Eyeglasses


Product Description

With Adlens Adjustables, you can see up close, into the distance and all around you, at the turn of a dial. Great for sharing, keep your convenient pair of Adlens Adjustables in your bag, your tool kit, in your desk drawer, or by the bed for reading and watching TV. Featuring continuously adjustable lenses, these durable and lightweight glasses are perfect for any task. With a comfortable unisex frame and adjustable nosepiece, Adlens Adjustables are the ultimate spare pair for every home.   California Prop 65 Warning Click Here


  • From -6D to +3D diopters
  • Instantly adjust for near, intermediate, and distance tasks
  • Each lens can be adjusted separately
  • Perfect for when you’re waiting to have your prescription glasses made
  • Comfortable unisex frame and adjustable nosepiece
  • Can be adjusted to improve vision for 90% of eyeglass and contact lens wearers who do not have astigmatism
  • Award-winning Alvarez Lens technology
  • Two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates slide across one another to change the power of the lens
  • Frame size 49-22-141

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