Selecting Reading Glasses as Accessories

It is becoming more and more obvious that reading glasses are a hot fashion accessory. Nothing draws attention like an object you place directly over your eyes. Thatís right, eyewear is more noticeable than, nails, lipstick, and even your handbag.

The challenge for many comes in finding a style that actually fits. Unlike nail polish, there is more to finding a great pair of reading glasses than simply selecting the color.

An easy way to tell if your eyeglasses are too big is to look in the mirror and compare them to your facial features. Overall, you want the width of your glasses to be about the same width as your face. Eyeglasses can be measured from Temple to Temple. You can look in the mirror and use a ruler to get a rough estimate of how wide your face is. By matching those two numbers, the eyeglass width to your face (within a few millimeters) you will almost always be certain to get a good fitting pair of glasses.

Once you're wearing your glasses, take a look in the mirror and compare the top rim to your eyebrows. Eyewear should be complementary to your features, and not overtake them.

When it comes to your eyebrow, this means the curvature of the top of your glasses should somewhat resemble the curvature of your brow. The top rim of the glasses should never cover your eyebrows when viewed from straight on. If they do is a sure sign that your eyeglasses are too large.

When it comes to selecting the shape of your glasses, look for one that has contradictory shapes to your face. If your face has many round features, consider a more angular frame. Conversely, if your face has more angular features, consider a more round frame. By contradicting your overall facial features, you will actually be complimenting your natural face shape.

By following these simple guidelines, you'll be able to select eyewear that you are sure to love. When it comes to reading glasses, this can be a lot of fun. Reading glasses come in all varieties at a very affordable price.

Reading glasses truly are the latest accessory. Available at affordable prices with a great variety of styles, colors, and materials; reading glasses have become more important than most other fashion accessories. And now you know how to have fun shopping for them.

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