Why do Prosthetic Contact Lenses Cost So Much More Than Cosmetic Lenses?

First lets clarify the difference between Prosthetic and cosmetic contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses are the ones people where to turn there brown eyes blue. They can also be used for special effects and halloween costumes. They come in everything from a light enhancer tint to a skull and crossbones eye; or anything else you can imagine.

The major factor with cosmetic contact lenses is that they are designed and approved by the FAA to be worn on a "normal" eye.

Next let's examine what a Prosthetic contact lens is. These are lenses designed for cosmetic enhancement of a disfigured or diseased eye. This can be anything from a lens with a mis-shapen iris to an eye without an iris, cornea, or a complete blind eye.

Prosthetic lenses are designed to make a disfugured eye appear normal. One of the major differences is that some therapeutic lenses are designed with a black opaque pupil. So a seeing eye can not see through them.

The cost difference between a cosmetic lens with a clear pupil opening and a Prosthetic lens with an opaque pupil is enough to make most gag!

So what is it about this little black dot in the center that makes the price skyrocket? it doesn't have to do with the manufacturing process. After all, a black dot is a lot easier to put on a lens than a color matrixed hazel/brown iris with all the intricises.

The truth is that any lens with an opaque pupil needs to pass FDA testing as a therapeutic lens on a compromised eye. So it is the paperwork and testing process that makes theses lenses cost so much more.

The information regarding prosthetic contact lenses was brought to you by www.ReadinStyle.com, your online source for reading glasses and is intended for informational purposes only. If you require prosthetic contact lenses, or any contact lenses for that matter, you should discuss it with your eye care provider.

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