Rimless Sun Reading Glasses

Even though you were working, you still enjoyed being at the beach bar, looking out on the sand and watching the game of volleyball taking place. Soon the teams would be in for drinks and snacks. You knew most of the team from their weekly visits, but you saw one or two new faces you were hoping to see even more of.

In the rush following the game, you hardly had time to talk to anyone. You noticed the new guy, not because he was new, but because he was wearing super cool sunglasses.

You were on your feet for over two hours, making sure everyone got served in a timely fashion, and noticed a few empty chairs with a pair of sunglasses on the table in front of them. The sunglasses. You carefully picked them up and put them behind the bar for safekeeping.

An hour later, a dejected-looking man walks into the bar and asks if you’ve seen his shades. He visibly brightens when you say you have, and that you knew they were his. He smiles and flirts. “Were you watching me?” he asks. You’d rather not tell him that you were watching his sunglasses. (Ok, you might have been watching him a little, too.)

These Rimless Sun readers are great for sunning and reading at the same time. Their frameless style is very lightweight. The thin wire temples and bridge add color to the specs. They come in black, gold and red. No one will ever guess they’re reading glasses.

Moral of the story? Always wear sunglasses that will get noticed.

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