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Youíre in your garage on a late night at the end of June. The kids are finally sleeping, and you can get to the project youíve been thinking about all day. You need to assemble your sonís 6th birthday present. All of your kids have gotten bikes on their 6th birthday, and this one would be no different.

However, as time marched on, youíve seemed to need more and more help seeing the instructions. Which you hated to read anyway, but every year the bike directions got more complicated and the bike parts more plentiful, making the instructions a necessary evil.

As you prepare to put the bike together, you pull out your wallet and pluck out your old faithful Compact Magnifying Lens. This small powerhouse of magnifying power has saved you more than once. And this time would be no different. You donít always have your glasses on you, but you always have your Magnifying Lens nearby.

This go-anywhere lens is compact and convenient. Read books, directions, food labels and more with this little treasure. Itís a perfect fit for any wallet, as itís the size and shape of a credit card. Or put it on your keychain for easy accessibility, when you need dependable magnifying power. The acrylic frame, featuring the American flag, is coated with a polymer that makes it nearly impossible to break. You already know this, because youíve put it through its paces. See directions, read books and see restaurant checks with a sweep of your lens. If reading minds was only this easy.

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