The Inevitable Truth About Your Eyes*

It seems like just yesterday you were able to read that fine print, maybe you even teased your parents when they required the assistance of reading glasses to see up close. Now suddenly, your eyes are not working so well when the lights are dim, or the print is small. Your big question is ďWhatís going on with my eyes?"

What you are experiencing is the natural growing process of the interior portions of your eye, known as presbyopia. There is a lens, behind your iris (the colored part of your eye) that has been doing a fantastic job of focusing from distance to near for a great portion of your life. That lens, known as the crystalline lens, continues to grow throughout life. Its growing pattern is much like an onion, where it grows new layers causing it to become thicker and denser over time.

Right around the young age of 40, the lens grows just thick enough that it has a hard time focusing on the fine print anymore. This is when we start to notice the first signs of presbyopia. We canít see the menu in the dimly lit restaurant anymore or strain when trying to read the newspaper or product inserts. At this time, a pair of low power reading glasses will do wonders for reading this small text.

As the years pass, the lens will continue to grow and thicken. The ability to focus lessens even more and we simply accommodate this inability of the lens to focus with a higher power pair of designer reading glasses.

In general, presbyopia is a natural progression of our eyes. While the progressive lack of near vision accommodation is nothing that should cause you to panic, it is a convenient reminder that you should have your eyes checked by an eye doctor on a regular basis.

* This article is to serve as an information resource only and is in no way intended to act as a substitution for regular visits to your eye doctor.

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