How To Match Your Reading Glasses to Your Hair Color

There is more to eyewear than having it look great on the shelves; you want it to look great on you. Eyewear is potentially one of the first things that people will notice about you, so here are a few tips on how to make sure your reading glasses compliment your features.

As far as shape, look for a shape that contradicts your face shape. In short, if you have mostly round features, look for a more angular frame. The most important aspect is to locate a frame that fits in proportion to your face.

Probably the most fun aspect when looking at reading glasses is the wide varieties of colors that come in. Rather than matching the frames to your eye color, focus on your hair color. Here are a couple of tips based on hair color:

For you convenience, we have added links to popular styles in the appropriate colors above. Please feel free to browse and find the perfect style of reading glasses for you. Remember that eyewear is an accessory and you probably will not find one pair for each and every occassion. Most people like to have a work style, fun or home style, and an evening style. Have fun with them, with ReadinStyle's no hassle return policy, you are guaranteed to see happy.

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