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Why Do I need Reading Glasses?
The need for reading glasses is a normal process of growing up. As we get older, our eyes lose the ability to focus on objects close to us. This condition is called Presbyopia.

Are reading glasses for me?
Reading glasses will help you focus on near objects if you have good distance vision but are restricted when focusing up close. They are not designed to replace your existing corrective lenses. Reading glasses do not work in conjunction with regular corrective glasses. They are designed to be worn with corrective contact lenses or over the naked eye.

What power reading glasses do I need?
If you don't know the appropriate power reading glasses you need, please refer to our Diopter test chart(PDF).

If I have Lasik surgery, will I still need reading glasses?
Lasik surgery can correct Myopia, Hyperopia, and some Astigmatism. It does not correct Presbyopia. So even if you have had successful lasik surgery a simple pair of reading glasses will do wonders for your up close world.

I wear contact lenses, can I still use reading glasses?
Absolutely, wearing reading glasses over contact lenses is very common. Contacts can correct Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and some Presbyopia. Depending on your lenses, progression of presbyopia, and your individual needs, reading glasses will be of great benefit to you.

What is Presbyopia?
Presbyopia is a natural aging process of the eye. The crystalline lens, inside the eye, loses elasticity. In turn the eye is not able to focus as well up close. Signs of presbyopia usually begin around the young age 40. If you have good distance vision but have found it difficult to focus up close, a stylish pair of reading glasses will help you overcome the inconveniences of presbyopia.

You have so many different styles, how do I choose which is best for me?
One of the services we strive to bring you is a great selection of quality reading glasses in all styles. Including designer frames, reading sunglasses, and a wide selection of both women and men's reading glasses.

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