Magnifying Glasses

These magnifying lenses allow you the freedom of reading up close, anytime, anywhere, without wearing frames.

Compact Magnifying Lens - Pocket Peepers

These Compact Magnifying Lenses are the answer to ďIím too cool to wear reading glasses.Ē Theyíll take care of all the ďI donít need reading glassesĒ comments, too. These small lenses are the size and shape of a credit card, and fit conveniently in a wallet, pocket, briefcase, car or wherever youíll need to read at a momentís notice. The lens is polymer-coated acrylic to stand up to even the toughest wear and tear.

The borders feature fun, whimsical designs to match any situation or any personality. Sports nuts will love the football and golf themes. Women will gravitate toward the pink designer eyeglass pattern, or the lenses trimmed in genuine Swarovski crystals. Thereís even something for the car lover. These lenses will go with everything in your wardrobe, and theyíll never go out of style. They allow you to read discreetly, but by the looks of them, why would you want to? All lenses have a convenient hole in the corner for easy attachment to a keychain, golf bag or purse, so youíll never be without a magnifier when you need one. A quick sweep over a document will provide you magnified vision for easier reading. If you need reading glasses, but donít want to wear them, Compact Magnifying Lenses are your answer. And they wonít pinch your nose.

A Compact Magnifying Lens offers a convenient way to see up close when reading glasses arenít an option. (Or even when they are, but you just canít help but use this cool little accessory.)

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