Amy Sacks

Designer reading glasses by Amy Sacks are a study in contradictions. They’re classic and contemporary, timeless and cutting-edge.

They offer you an opportunity to look intellectual and sophisticated while appearing trendy and casual at the same time. Every pair is made of premium materials, like handcrafted zyl frames and scratch-resistant lenses. On top of their unmatched quality, they also have unsurpassed style. You can wear the updated cat-eye or the chic version of the horn rims. Dress them up or dress them down; they’re perfect for every reading glasses-wearing occasion.

You can also have your favorite Amy Sacks readers converted to prescription eyeglasses. Some even come as reading sunglasses. How do you choose? No one says you have to settle on just one pair. These glasses come in such a wide variety of face-flattering shades and shapes that you just might find yourself with an Amy Sacks reading glasses wardrobe. And there are worse things in life than having the hottest specs around.

If you “barely” need reading glasses, these readers by Amy Sacks fit the bill. You’ll find glasses with magnification as low as +1.00. They're even available with no power at all. Once you spot these fashion-forward frames, you’ll realize that you don’t mind wearing reading glasses after all.

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