Reading Sunglasses

It's summertime! Celebrate your love in this beautiful season with these stylish sunglasses. Our collection of reading sunglasses is perfect for your poolside, beach or backyard inspired days. Keep the look cool and slim or tropical and wraparound. Choose from colored tints to polarized optics and much more. Make each day burst with summer as you don the most stylish and glamorous reading sunglasses available.

Pocket Eyes Sun by Cinzia Reading Glasses- Black
Pocket Eyes Sun by Cinzia Reading Glasses- Brown
Pocket Eyes Sun by Cinzia Reading Glasses- Champagne
Clic Sun Reading Glasses - Tortoise Magnetic Sunglasses
Clic Sun Reading Glasses - Tortoise Magnetic Sunglasses
Gels Sun Readers by Scojo- Tortoise
Cinzia Muse Bi Focal Sun Reading Glasses-Black
Cinzia Muse Bi Focal Sun Reading Glasses-Brown
Cinzia Muse Bi Focal Sun Reading Glasses-Red
Cinzia Celebrity Sun Readers - Case Included-Black
Cinzia Celebrity Sun Readers - Case Included-Brown
Cinzia Renegade Sunreader- Black
Cinzia Renegade Sunreader- Gray
Gels Wideline Sun Reader by Scojo-Tortoise

Let there be sun! With these reading sunglasses, seeing up close in the sun will be a snap.

There’s a sun reader for everyone. Select a contemporary style or a classic style, depending on your mood. Choose from face-flattering rounded sun glasses with bifocals or those with trendy angles. Some have thick, chunky frames and some are rimless.Your bifocal sunglasses even look like regular shades. (We won’t tell that they’re actually sun reading glasses.) Some are full-frame readers, while some glasses have bifocals only on the bottom.

All sunglass readers offer 100% UV protection, and are made of the high-quality materials you’d expect from a pair of premium reading glasses, including superior metals and lightweight plastics.

You’ll also find anti-scratch, anti-shatter lenses, tinted to reduce glare. Most have flexible spring hinges on the temples, to allow for a custom fit. Some even come with their own eyeglass case.

This selection of reading sunglasses offers the versatility to read anywhere, indoors or out, while enjoying the fashion and comfort of a superior pair of sunglasses. You’ll want to spend all your spare time in the sun, finding any excuse to sport these stylish specs.

Remember, you will also want a fashionable pair of clear lens reading glasses for your post sun relaxation. Sun reading glasses are designed to be worn in bright sunlight and will not work as well indoors or in darker light. Compliment your new sun readers with any one of the great frame styles at

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