Half Frame Reading Glasses

These stylish half frame reading glasses are a convenient choice for doing close work. You can look down through them to see near, or look over them to see at a distance.

Cinzia Dizzy- Black
Cinzia Dizzy- Grey
Cinzia Dizzy- Plum
Cinzia New Scales Designer-Brown
Cinzia New Scales Designer-Green
Cinzia New Scales Designer-Purple
Cinzia Drop- Black/Yellow
Cinzia Drop- Gray/Pink
Cinzia Optimist-Black/Amber Tort
Cinzia Optimist-Black/Green Tort
Cinzia Sure Thing- Black
Cinzia Sure Thing- Grey
Cinzia Sure Thing- Tortoise
Cinzia Ultra Mod-Black/Khaki Horn
Cinzia Ultra Mod-Tortoise/Black
ultra_mod1_yellow tortoise.jpg
Cinzia Ultra Mod-Yellow Tortoise
Cinzia View Point- Black
Cinzia View Point- Green
Cinzia View Point- Blue
Clic Sonoma Reading Glasses- Tortoise

These stylish half frame readers are a perfect choice for close work.  These glasses sit low on the nose, for convenient near vision.  When itís time to see at a distance, simply look up over the frames for an unobstructed view.  All the convenience of a bifocal reader with none of the hassle. Youíll find half frames in classics like horn rims or cat-eyes, and youíll also find contemporary rimless styles.  Some compact reading glasses will conveniently slip in to a purse, pocket or briefcase, for anywhere use.  Some are brightly colored, while some feature familiar patterns and hues. Some reading glasses are encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystals for that chic look. All are made with high-quality materials, including European spring hinges for a perfect fit. 

The anti-scratch, anti-shatter lenses are thinner for a superior optical experience.  The lightweight frames offer a comfortable fit.  Some readers come with a custom case, for safe storage and transport.  Some cases are brushed aluminum and flip up with the flick of a thumb, while others provide a color-coordinated complementary container. All glasses offer 100% UV protection, making them not only fashionable, but functional as well.  Most can also be converted to prescription glasses for all-day wear.  The variety of shapes, colors and textures will flatter any face shape.  Donít be without these rakish readers.

These half frames are hip!

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