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Folding and Compact Reading Glasses

Reading glasses to throw in your pocket, purse, glovebox, briefcase, or any tight corner. From folding to gel  to slimline reading glasses, you will find them here!

Franklin St by Scojo
Gelitos by Scojo
Gels by Scojo
Monaco Lorgnettes by Seeqa
PopeyeO by Scojo
Popeyes by Scojo
PopeyeZ by Scojo
Slender Eyes by EyeMagine
Twisties Foldable by Cinzia
Compact Magnifying Lens - Pocket Peepers
Cigar by Vidivici
Cigar Junior by Vidivici
Pods by Visav

These compact reading glasses go anywhere your eyes do! The wide variety of small specs ensures that you’ll find a reading glass that’s best for you. From folding readers, to slim line specs, to compact magnifying lenses the size of credit cards, you’ll find many mini choices to fit your needs. Most of the compact readers come with their own custom hard-sided, flip-top case, for the ultimate in protection when you slip them in your purse, your pocket or your briefcase.

They’re made from premium materials, including high-quality metals and zyls.

The wide variety of available colors ensures that you’ll have a perfect match for any outfit. The lenses are anti-scratch and anti-shatter, and offer complete UV protection. The spring hinged temples make for a comfortable fit on anyone.

Compact magnifying lenses are a great alternative to reading glasses for close work. These card-sized lenses are trimmed with a polymer-coated acrylic frame for durability. The trim features a variety of graphic designs and textures to fit your style. This convenient lens fits in a wallet, purse or pocket for easy accessibility, and it has a hole on the corner to be hooked onto a key chain or other readily-accessible area.

Small specs, big style!