Binocular Vision - They Beauty of Two Eyes Working As One

Binocular vision is the ability to see one image with two eyes and fuse that image into one three dimensional picture for our brain to perceive.

In order to have binocular vision, a lot of factors must all fall together into place. For starters, take note that humans have two eyes, offset just a little. What this does is allow us to capture an image from two slightly different angles. The outcome is stereopsis.

Do you remember back in school when you had to look at an image of a fly and were asked to grab the fly's wing? This stereopsis test is done to ensure that you indeed did have binocular vision.

If a human does not have binocular vision, which many do not, it often has to do with a muscle imbalance in which the two eyes are not actually seeing the exact same image at the same time.

Other causes can be that image sizes vary, this is caused by a condition known as anisemotropia. Where the visual correction required for each eye is so different that image sizes are also effected.

Most people who are born without binocular vision do not know what it is and live extremely happy and fulfilling lives without it. Binocular vision truly is one of those things that if you haven't seen it, you don't miss it.

Depth perception is a sense of objects and their spatial imaging relationship. It is only a portion of binocular vision. Whereas even people with only one eye can adapt very well and enjoy depth perception.

Not all animals enjoy binocular vision. Think of a bird or a horse, thier eyes are situated on either side of their head. The two eyes never see the same image, yet with this ocular structure they are still able to fly and graciously land on the tiniest of branches.

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