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Important Things to Know About Contact lenses - Thought contact lenses were simple pieces of plastic? think again, these complex optical medical devices are more than meets the eye.

How Reading Glasses Work to Replace The Accommodative Reflex - This article simply explains the process that occurs each and every time you adjust your focus from far to near. And addresses why reading glasses become a part of most all our lives.

Who Came Up With These Names For Aging Eyes? - Some medical terms just hurt to hear. In the eye care profession there some, less than flattering names... Here you will find just a few that will have you asking, "who came up with those names?".

How Aspheric Lenses Can Enhance Your Vision and Feeling - Aspheric lenses may sound like an industry buzzword, but these little wonders are a must have for some.

Ready Made Reading Glasses Save You Hundreds - Have you ever examined the value you are getting when you purchase a pair of designer ready made readers?

What is a Lazy Eye? - An actual "lazy eye" may not be what you think it is.

Why Reading Glasses Always Have a Plus Power - The strength of you reading glasses will always have a plus power associated with them, this is simple algebraic and optical effect.

How to Properly Care for Your Reading Glasses - Follow these simple steps to ensure your reading glasses stay clean and keep fitting.

Presbyopia - It's the reason your need reading glasses to begin with. Learn the basics about this condition and come to grips with the fact that presbyopia gets us all sooner or later.

Contact Lenses and Reading Glasses - A qualified contact lens specialist may be able to keep those reading glasses at bay a little longer if you like. It all boils down to your expectations.

The Human Eye Compared To a Camera - Our eyes work surprisingly similar to a 35mm camera. A simple overview of how we perceive images.

Binocular Vision - When your eyes work together they see two images as one.

Eye Muscles - These muscles may be smarter than they are strong. Your eyes perform amazing acts with everything you look at, don't think too much about this or you could get dizzy.

Prosthetic Contact Lenses - Prosthetic lenses as compared to cosmetic lenses. It is amazing what adding the pupil does to these lenses.

Matching Your Reading Glasses to Your Hair Color - Still having trouble picking out your eyewear? Learn how your hair color may be the clue you need to love your eyeglasses.

Have Fun Accessorizing with Reading Glasses - It's Official, your friends will notice your reading glasses more than your handbag. Here are a couple simple tips to make sure your eyewear fits.

Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist vs. Optician - Eye Care can be confusing. Do you see an Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, or Optician? what is the role each of these professions play when it comes to the care of your eyes?

These articles are some of our best on everything related to eye care, fashion, and shopping. New informative pieces are added continually, please feel free to let us know if there is anything further you would like to read here. For now, put on your reading glasses and enjoy some great information.

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